Which Email Marketing Application to Choose?

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Having a terrific email marketing application to use is an important part of your online business marketing. Some of the things you’ll need in a service include one that will deliver your emails promptly and consistently, but in addition has the tools required for you to properly analyze your efforts. You also have to have the capability to send and schedule emails, the capability to use both plain text and html, email tracking, analytics, a form builder and more. So which do you pick? There are numerous capable services, though each has its own quirks and advantages. In order to help you choose we’ve covered five of the most popular ones used by online marketers, and given you a running start!

5 Top email marketing applications

  • AWeber – AWeber has gained a reputation as one of the best, due in large part to best deliverability in the industry. They also have quite explicit policies about the makeup of your lists. No adding lists you’ve purchased or otherwise come across into their system; they must be very clean. They stress double-optin, and even while you can do single optin, you have to jump through some hoops to do so. They have an easy to use interface, good reporting, and their forms builder is easy to use. Prices start at $19 a month.
  • GetResponse – This service is a favorite among many affiliate marketers, and they’re very friendly to them. A bit more lax on list composition, and possessing a good form builder, GetResponse is a excellent option for getting started. GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial, and prices start at $17 after that. (deals are available!)
  • MailChimp – A good place for newcomers to start, as they offer a free option (no autoresponders) and are inexpensive to boot. They boast some impressive analytics reports including tweet trends, goal tracking, revenue charts and social analytics, good deliverability, and integrate your social media services. They’ve got premade templates you can utilize, but their builder is sub-standard. Still overall, MailChimp offers great value for the money.
  • iContact – For people who are into simple to use interfaces, iContact may well be your best choice. Not to mention that they are also attractively priced, starting at around $10 a month. iContact integrates with lots of other services as well, such as SalesForce, Analytics and more. One bad thing is they offer no customer service on the weekends.
  • Constant Contact – ConstantContact is a lot more than an email service provider. This is both a plus and a minus. They provide a number of other services, such as apps and integrations, a daily deal application (a la Groupon) and also give a free trial. One major downside is that they have the lowest deliverability among the major services, and the site itself is confusing and difficult to navigate.

Your email marketing service can be one of your most lethal weapons in your marketing arsenal. Choose wisely!