What Was the Google Phantom Update About

What Was the Google Phantom Update About

Should You Be Concerned with Google Phantom?

A short time ago Google rolled out the latest of their search engine algorithm updates, this one mysteriously dubbed Phantom. Many people still have no idea this occurred, and for good reason. It literally flew very low under the radar. Many search algorithm updates create a big splash when they occur. Ask anyone who was negatively affected by Penguin or panda, and their subsequent iterations. Some entire businesses were lost, and certainly fortunes were deviated.

The good news is that most search algorithm updates aren’t nearly that dramatic. Google says they perform between 500-600 updates yearly, and the majority are fairly insignificant, and go mostly unnoticed.

This one is between those. Let’s take a quick look at what the Phantom update was all about, and how you can respond if needed.

What is the Google Phantom update?

It looks like Phantom was all about poor quality pages. Pages that had a dependence on “clickbait” headlines, thin content, tons of poor user-generated content and old, out of touch and non-relevant comments were the first to feel this wrath of Phantom.

Some of the more well-known sites suffered with this update as well. Sites like HubPages, WikiHow, Answers.com and a few others took a significant hit.

Other things that got the attention of Phantom were thin content accompanied by related articles listings, tons of stacked videos, lots of curated content added as-is, and pages with far too many ads.

Key takeaways for your use

The first and best thing you can do is to take a cold hard look at your site content by doing an audit. See which of your pages have suffered a loss in rank possibly due this Phantom, and see if any of the aforementioned factors apply to it. Then you can either fix, update or trash it, depending on the age and relative current relevance of the content in question.

What you need to do here is come out of this with your best foot forward, showing Google and all who come to your pages that it delivers the most relevant and current content you can provide. Do that and you needn’t worry about Phantoms!