What to Focus on for Local SEO in 2015


Check Out What You Need for Local SEO in 2015

Local SEO has changed over the last few years from a fairly simple proposition to one that is a bit more involved. While that may seem “harder” on the surface, what it actually represents is a lot of opportunity for those who are willing to do what’s required to get their sites to rank well locally.

Toward that goal, we’ve listed a number of best practices you’ll want to be aware of when it comes to local SEO for 2015. Some might not be new to you, while others will. Bear in mind, it’s a stew, and all of it works together to make it tasty!

2015 Local SEO Best Practices

Site speed – Make your site a speed demon: it matters as a Google ranking signal.

Mobile – If you’re looking to miss out on half the traffic on the Web these days, go ahead and forego making a responsive mobile design of your site.

On-page SEO – Ensure that your title tags, descriptions, internal links and website schema are all representing your business the way they should.

Reviews and Citations – Still important for 2015, with solid reviews becoming more so.

Quality inbound links – Get more high quality links preferably on account of your content, and whatever you do don’t buy links.

Give your content a local flavor – As much for visitors as for anything, making sure your content appeals to the local audience is a good idea.

Be sure to Geotag your images – Putting specific geographic information into your image tags is helpful for Google to rank you for local terms, and also locate you in Maps.

Encourage social signals – The active employment of social media, both as a way of sharing your content and advertising it, can do amazing things for your reach.

Consistent NAP data – Making sure your NAP data (names, addresses phone) is consistent across all your Web properties is a must-do.

Given all this, doing well in local requires you to cover a number of areas, but always keep your focus on making your SEO work for you, and not the other way around, by keeping sales and conversions front of mind at all times.