Want More People to View your Content? Improve your Page Load Speeds


If one of your goals is to best optimize your site for search, then you might be aware of the importance placed on having your pages load quickly. There are a variety of great reasons why you’ll want to make sure this is so, among them!

  1. It’s definitely a Google ranking factor.
  2. Average human attention span is down to 8 seconds.
  3. The typical retail site loads at longer than 7 seconds, and it’s believed that just a one-second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Given these stark statistics, it’s high time we look into some ways we can improve our page load speeds.

5 Tips for reducing your page load time

Google PageSpeed Insights – Google provides a free solution for discovering a lot of the issues you might be facing when it comes to slow loading pages. It’s called PageSpeed Insights, and it’s free. It will see why your pages aren’t arriving quickly and suggest solutions to fix that.

Limit redirects – Make sure you don’t have more redirects than you actually need, because they are prone to causing pages to load slower due to more http requests. You’ll require some for your responsive mobile version of your site, so don’t eliminate those!

Reduce the number of plugins – Undoubtedly we are plugin fiends, but this can have a adverse effect on page loads. You’ll want to get rid of plugins you don’t actually need. If you suspect other plugins, you can try deactivating and then judge what the page load speeds are without them, and act accordingly.

Be sure to optimize your images – Images could have a large effect on your page load speeds, and to make the best of this try not to have too many on a single page, use JPEGs whenever possible, and compress them as small as is feasible.

Compress your pages – Enabling compression on your pages can help them render a stunning 70% faster. If you aren’t handy with code, there is a tool named Gzip which can do the dirty work for you. This alone can make a big difference in how fast your page loads.