Should You Use Paid Search with Organic SEO?

Organic Vs Paid Search Internet Marketing Advertising SEO Result

See Why It Makes Sense to Use Paid Search with Organic SEO

There’s a song in the Broadway musical “Oklahoma” called “The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends.” The same holds true in search engine marketing, where that same real estate that is vied for by both paid and organic marketing can definitely work together for their common good.

For a long time these strategies have been thought of as either/or, but the sharp marketer knows how to make this strategy work well for them. The number of ways that SEO and PPC can help each other are many, and you ought to know this in order to make the best use of your marketing dollars.

5 reasons you should combine PPC and SEO

Get as much page one real estate as possible! – Naturally, having as many listings as you can on page one is the goal, and this can only help you dominate the traffic that this pages serves when your site is showing up all over the results. In addition to that, this helps increase your brand authority.

Build brand exposure – The more times people come and see your brand so much the better for you. Moreover, your message is more likely to stay consistent and within your control if you are managing your entries on the paid as well as the organic side of things.

More total traffic – While it’s entirely possible that your paid ads can rob some of your organic clicks from the page, studies are showing that overall there is a net gain when you occupy both paid and organic spots on a page. Not only that, by having multiple spots on the page, your PPC costs are going to be less.

Enjoy increased conversions rates – Data is showing that combining organic search with PPC can lead to your conversions rates soaring as much as 200%. This is from the combined effect of more clicks and increased authority. Nothing to sneeze at, right?

Better keyword performance – The combination of data form both paid and organic sources can lead to a goldmine of keyword intelligence, helping you in both campaigns.