Use These 3 Offline Marketing Tips to Improve Online Marketing

Studies and statistics continue to show that offline marketing is still effective. Maybe the most telling piece of evidence is the nearly 40 percent of purchases online that occur only after a consumer has been influenced by an offline channel. Do not make the mistake of thinking this means online marketing is not essential. With these offline marketing tips, though, your online promotional endeavors will be much more effective.

Take Time to Market at Events

You can market your business face-to-face by attending concerts, local markets, charitable events and other local happenings. This will usually require that you rent a booth, but the marketing potential provided makes it worth it. While at these events, take the opportunity to integrate social media by having people check in or holding competitions related to your social platform.

Use Offline Marketing Calls to Action

Even novice local business owners with little marketing knowledge usually know that calls to action (CTA) are essential for their online Use These 3 Offline Marketing Tips to Improve Online Marketingcontent. As it turns out, effective CTAs are also important when doing offline marketing.

Tell people exactly what you want them to do whether in your television ad or direct mailer. An effective CTA can even take consumers to your webpage or social media site for further information. You will need to provide a reason, however, for them to head over to your sites. Anything from hosting great recipes to offering discounts can accomplish this.

Make Use of Tracking URLs

You could potentially get as much benefit from an offline strategy as you do from online marketing. When people discover your company offline, though, it can prove difficult to track via traditional analytics. Overcoming this problem, though, can be simple. As whoever does your marketing about tracking URLs. You can use these unique addresses in offline marketing to actually track which methods are bringing in the customers.

Offline marketing has been around much longer than the internet, so it is doubtful that it will ever go away. Do not make the mistake of underestimating offline marketing’s potential. You will consistently see the benefits of offline marketing as long as you are using the right techniques.