Use Google Analytics to Get Actionable Intel for Your Small Business

Google Analytics

Many of us understand that using Google Analytics to understand how our marketing efforts are doing can be a key to unleashing future success. However many people are overwhelmed by the incredible immensity of the data facing them. You should begin by answering the right questions: what are my goals, and what do I need…

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How to Benefit From the Recent Google Updates!

google updates

How to Craft Great Content and Rank Well in Google! Over the last few years through all the search engine updates known collectively as the “Google Zoo” (Pandas, Penguins and so on) most webmasters knew it was only a matter of time before Google would start enforcing what they were preaching about content. That day…

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How to Pack Your Message into a Six-Second Video on Vine!


No doubt you’ve been fascinated by the new Vine video platform, but you’re also a bit baffled as to how to make use of it. I mean, six seconds of video isn’t a lot of time to work with in any message. Even so, as it turns out, the restrictions of this medium are also…

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