Why Do People Click on Your Links?

Why Do People Click on Your Links

Need More Clicks? Look at Your Links! In our quest to connect with an audience, make sales, get opt-ins and more, we are often depending on our visitors to make that connection via a web link. Thus it would stand to reason that one of our primary tasks in this quest is to make it…

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5 Effective Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages

Businessman presses button landing page on virtual screens. Busi

5 Effective Ways to Optimize your Landing Pages Although most marketers will move heaven and earth to optimize the tiniest of details on their websites, getting them to pay the same level of attention to landing page optimization is a tall task indeed. And yet these are the same people that will wonder aloud why…

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What you need to know about raising startup funds


Raising startup funds for a new business can be challenging enough, but don’t compound the difficulty by not having a clear understanding of exactly what you want and need for your endeavor. This means asking yourself the hard questions that you will definitely need answers to before a check is written. Rather than dive into…

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