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3 Facebook Live Tips for Local Business Owners One of the most utilized Facebook Live approaches for businesses is broadcasting from live events. Everyone from former wrestler Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to the popular contest Tough Mudder has done this. Of course, this means you need to have your business involved in local events. There…

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There will always be things that are unpredictable in the marketing world, but having a professional on board can decrease these surprises. The fact of the matter is that social media marketers spend all of their time navigating the complex marketing world that is social media. They can predict fads, understand what makes content successful…

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Why Small Companies Must Prioritize Mobile Marketing In the past, commerce was relegated to face-to-face, in person shopping. Once the internet became popular, however, commerce hit the World Wide Web. Now, however, people are spending large numbers of money via their mobile devices. In fact, one study found that 24.4 percent of e-commerce profit will…

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