7 Awesome Tips for Filling Up Your 2015 Content Calendar

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How to Create an Bursting Content Calendar for 2015 Going into a new year we like to look at what we should do to make elements of our content marketing improve, and this year is no different. Since content is still the once and future king, it is completely appropriate to give it importance. We…

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Can You Do It Yourself or Do you Want It Done for You in Your Small Business?

multipurpose businessman

Should You Try and DIY in Your Small Business? When you’re just starting out with your small business, the urge is omnipresent to try and do as much as you can yourself. This is not just from a cost standpoint, but also a sense that you can do this. While it’s a good idea to…

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How to Use Paid Promotion to Get Your Content Noticed

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How to Use Paid Promotion to Get Your Content Noticed It seems like it’s becoming harder and harder to get your content noticed, much less acted upon. It was bound to happen as increasing numbers of marketers embrace content marketing. It’s no easy task. It used to be simple, but not so anymore. Nowadays, unless…

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