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3 Offline Marketing Ideas that will Help You Online Studies and statistics continue to show that offline marketing is still effective. Maybe the most telling piece of evidence is the nearly 40 percent of purchases online that occur only after a consumer has been influenced by an offline channel. Do not make the mistake of…

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After the Freebie: Turning Them into Paying Customers Regardless of what type of local business you run, you have very likely provided a “freebie” at one point to entice new customers. Sadly, these offers do not always equate to a return client. This does not mean that free offers are pointless, it just means you…

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Local business owners sometimes do not realize the potential of event marketing. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs see this type of promotional tactic as an additional headache when they are worrying about other marketing endeavors. Considering the fact that almost half of those who engage in event marketing recognize returns on their investment of 3:1 to 5:1, though,…

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