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vhis can be seen by the fact that, between 2014 and 2015, businesses increased Facebook ad spending by 122 percent. This shows just how effective the strategy can be, but this is only the case if marketers are doing it right. 1. Look at Audience Insights Within Facebook’s page management tools are the audience insights.…

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Guerrilla marketing is a form of experiential promotion that focuses on novel marketing ideas. When the film Carrie was coming out, for instance, the producers rigged a coffee shop to frighten unexpecting customers who saw a woman show off “telekinetic” powers. These types of marketing ploys can pay off huge, but that’s only if local…

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Repurposing and reusing old content may just seem like an easy way to get out of work. In all honesty, it might be a little of that, but 85 percent of the best marketers actually repurpose at least occasionally. This could include re-sharing an article, turning it into another format or simply updating it occasionally.…

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