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People fall in love with companies for many reasons, but more and more, consumers are gravitating towards local businesses that get involved in the community. Over half of people worldwide, for instance, say they will pay more if a company does socially responsible things like getting involved in the community. This creates a unique promotional…

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While online marketing is obviously very important, it doesn’t mean that local business owners should ignore offline strategies. Even in the newspaper business – a dying industry – three-fourths of advertising revenue comes from offline ads. This proves that entrepreneurs can’t solely focus on digital. If they’re making the following offline marketing mistakes, though, it…

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Whether it’s social media or a website, most local businesses have a variety of digital marketing tools at their disposal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that offline measures aren’t still effective. Good, old-fashioned business cards, for example, is still an effective marketing tool. It’s not just a method of keeping in contact with other professionals,…

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