Should You Use Paid Search with Organic SEO?

Organic Vs Paid Search Internet Marketing Advertising SEO Result

See Why It Makes Sense to Use Paid Search with Organic SEO There’s a song in the Broadway musical “Oklahoma” called “The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends.” The same holds true in search engine marketing, where that same real estate that is vied for by both paid and organic marketing can definitely work…

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What to Think about Backlinks in 2015


See How to Build Better backlinks in 2015! Since backlinks are proving to still be a large part of ranking well in Google, it only makes sense to use what amounts to the best practices for acquiring backlinks that not only count with Google, but are also sure to hold up to scrutiny. For most,…

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5 Tips for Video SEO

Video SEO

Want Your Videos to Rank Highly? Use Video SEO There’s honestly no point in going to the trouble of creating a great video just to have it languish deep in the search results where nobody can find it. Making your videos to rank well in YouTube and Google isn’t as hard as you might think,…

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