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When done correctly, a marketing campaign has the ability to resonate with the audience long after it’s out of the spotlight. Campaigns make brands memorable and influence the customer toward a certain action, as well as giving brands personality and emotion. If you want a show-stopping campaign that can provide these results for your business,…

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Manipulation is the ability to change the behavior or perception of others in clever or unscrupulous ways. For many, the word has negative connotations, so the idea that manipulation can be used for marketing conjures up images of scare tactics and deception. While marketing involves some manipulation, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Done ethically,…

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There is no doubt that every local business needs an online marketing strategy. The fact that 81 percent of shoppers make large purchases only after conducting online research proves this. This does not mean, though, that you should overlook offline marketing. You can enlist your online marketing expert for help in this area or try…

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