What Does Facebook’s Instant Articles Mean for You

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What Does Facebook’s Instant Articles Mean for You? You may have seen something come across your monitor concerning Facebook Instant Articles for mobile, and wondered what this is and is it going to benefit a small business like me? Well, the answer is yes, but not yet. Facebook Instant Articles are built on concepts borrowed…

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How to Build Traffic to Your Blog

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Getting Traffic to your Business Blog If you wish to use your business blog to expand and engage your audience, you’re going to have to find ways to develop the traffic to a point where someone other than your immediate family is reading it, am I right? There are amazing advantages to having a vibrant…

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Want More People to View your Content? Improve your Page Load Speeds


If one of your goals is to best optimize your site for search, then you might be aware of the importance placed on having your pages load quickly. There are a variety of great reasons why you’ll want to make sure this is so, among them! It’s definitely a Google ranking factor. Average human attention…

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