New YouTube Channel Information


In this video blogpost, I discuss the recent YouTube changes.

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Why you should use infographics in your business


So why use infographics? Infographics have taken our world by storm, as we are all more and more inclined these days to process data visually than through the written word. Neuroscience explains why: according to research from 3M (maker of Post-its, among other things), 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals…

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The easy way to get more client referrals

Client Referrals

Everyone is on the lookout for tips to get more client referrals for their small business. However, as stated by some 58.6% of us don’t even ask for them! Client referrals are not something that comes around by merely wishing it so, but rather is a result of a definite, focused and persistently used…

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