3 Ways Online Reviews Help Your Business SEO

online reviews

These days, when someone is interested in a business, it is easy for that person to find a wealth of information on that business just by searching the Internet.  Not only is it possible to browse your business website to get a good idea of what you offer, potential customers can also use reviews of…

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3 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

Protect rep

When it comes to business marketing, one of the most important things to consider is your online reputation.  Remember that 90 percent of all consumers search the Internet to look for products and services; therefore, what those consumers find online about your business will determine whether or not they choose you over the competitors.  There…

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Why Online Reputation Management is Important to Your Business

Reputation Management

There is a lot of talk about online reputation management these days.  It seems that as soon as businesses jumped on the web and social media marketing wave, the Internet evolved into an even more complex organism, now requiring a deeper look into marketing in this ever-evolving world.  It is no longer enough to establish…

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