Why Your Small Business Needs Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

4 Reasons You Need to Make Mobile Marketing a Part of the Plan Here’s a somewhat scary statistic: people are now checking their mobile phones around 150 times a day on average. Is that a bigger or smaller number than you might’ve thought? So what that boils down to for marketers is opportunity, and for…

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Learn Why PPC is Great for Local Business

PPC for local business

PPC for Local Business? Good Idea or No? There is a common perception that pay per click (PPC) ads aren’t really for local business. We’d like to dispel that right now. PPC can do a great deal of good for a small business, particularly a new one. Let’s look the various pros and a few…

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Does Your Business Need to Bother with Twitter?


How to Know If Twitter is Right for Your Business The question of whether or not Twitter is a worthwhile use of marketing energy and budget has been around for as long as the platform has. It looks like people have had a tough time wrapping their heads around how a micro-content platform such as…

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