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Many business owners overlook Reddit as a social media marketing channel, but recent changes to the platform should have them all reconsidering. A complete overhaul has modernized the look and feel of Reddit’s various niche-focused forums. As a result, community members are engaging even more frequently than ever—with both posts and ads. According to Reddit’s…

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Instagram has changed from a way to post artistic photos to a legitimate vehicle for small businesses looking to drive engagement. The rise of influencers and influencer marketing for small businesses has played a huge part in this evolution. In 2018, expect more small businesses than ever to jump aboard the Instagram marketing train. The…

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Many marketers will say that television commercials are outdated. Indeed, 2017 is the year that experts predict digital marketing spending will outpace television advertisements. Of course, this doesn’t make it a waste of money. Depending on your targeted demographic, televised ads could remain profitable. If you fall into this group, here are a few tips…

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