Mobile Ads — Are They for You?

mobile ads

Mobile is the new frontier of advertising, with a monstrous 27.8 billion more search queries than desktop searches by 2015. Pew Research tells us that that 74% of smartphone owners use their phone to get real-time location-based information, such as directions, that is acted upon usually within an hour. With estimates of 27.8 billion more…

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Over-optimization – Something you need to be concerned about?


One of the recent updates Google endowed us with over the last couple of years included what became known as the over-optimization penalty. This one is aimed at Webmasters who try to stuff their pages with keywords in the hopes of raising them in the search engine results. Many of us were encouraged to have…

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5 Marketing Trends That Win in 2014

5 ways marketing rocks

If you are finalizing your plans for marketing in 2014, there are some trends that you’d do well to keep in mind as you do this. A few of these have been coming a long while, and then are a couple that are new to the game. We’ve uncovered five of these trends that will…

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