7 Copywriting Tips to Put Your Content Above the Rest

Copywriting tips

See How to Make Your Copy Work Harder for You Copy makes the Web go round, and great copy will take you from seldom read and acted upon to rock star status in terms of traffic and sales. This truism, along with the fact that Google prizes and rewards terrific content that readers share will…

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Why Mobile Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

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It’s High Time to Throw Mobile Marketing into the Mix We’ve likely all heard the now-famous stat that over 75 percent of us admit to taking the smartphone into the bathroom with us. I suspect that is a low number. Mobile has thoroughly wormed its way into the very fabric of our lives, to the…

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Why Your Small Business Needs Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

4 Reasons You Need to Make Mobile Marketing a Part of the Plan Here’s a somewhat scary statistic: people are now checking their mobile phones around 150 times a day on average. Is that a bigger or smaller number than you might’ve thought? So what that boils down to for marketers is opportunity, and for…

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