5 Marketing Trends That Win in 2014

5 ways marketing rocks

If you are finalizing your plans for marketing in 2014, there are some trends that you’d do well to keep in mind as you do this. A few of these have been coming a long while, and then are a couple that are new to the game. We’ve uncovered five of these trends that will…

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How to Use Humor to Connect with Your Audience

marketing with humor

The great 19th Century Irish playwright and humorist Oscar Wilde uttered these last words: “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.” Why some enterprising wallpaper company hasn’t used this is beyond me, nonetheless it does go to demonstrate the point that humor sells. Humor essentially disarms people, often by getting them to view your point…

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Email Is Still the Undisputed King of Online Marketing

email marketing

Where Should Email Rank in Your Marketing Mix? The bottom line in regards to our marketing efforts is how well they convert, that is, succeed in getting us the decisions we desire, whether that is opt-ins to a mailing list, direct sales, click or other responses. Over the years, email marketing has been a staple…

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