What you need to know about raising startup funds


Raising startup funds for a new business can be challenging enough, but don’t compound the difficulty by not having a clear understanding of exactly what you want and need for your endeavor. This means asking yourself the hard questions that you will definitely need answers to before a check is written. Rather than dive into…

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Injecting Emotion Into Your Copy

Injecting Emotions Into Your Copy

How to Use Emotion in your Copy Emotions have been a part of sales copy persuasion for about as long as there has been sales copy. The opportunity to tug at heartstrings and otherwise motivate readers and viewers with relevant emotional messages has a storied history, and still works every bit as well today. This…

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How to Avoid Making These 5 Crucial Sales Mistakes

Content Marketing

See These 5 Sales Mistakes that Can Sink Your Sales It’s hard enough to get sales conversion without shooting yourself in the foot, so it’s often useful to take a look at mistakes that are very easy to make in this area. While we all possess different skill levels and abilities, most of these apply…

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