Why Online Reputation Management is Important to Your Business

Reputation Management

There is a lot of talk about online reputation management these days.  It seems that as soon as businesses jumped on the web and social media marketing wave, the Internet evolved into an even more complex organism, now requiring a deeper look into marketing in this ever-evolving world.  It is no longer enough to establish…

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Yelp Explained


There is a lot of talk in the business world about Yelp lately.  But what is it?  The definition of Yelp suggests the idea of yelling . . . and the truth is, Yelp (the website) may be just that for your business.  So, what is it about Yelp that could garner so much attention…

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Top 5 Ways to Monitor Your Online Reputation

manage reputation

Your business’ online reputation can make or break your business success.  People talk – whether they are unhappy or happy with your business – and talk spreads on the Web.  It’s not effective to stay impartial, “take the high road,” or turn the other cheek when it comes to handling things people say about you…

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