How to Pack Your Message into a Six-Second Video on Vine!


No doubt you’ve been fascinated by the new Vine video platform, but you’re also a bit baffled as to how to make use of it. I mean, six seconds of video isn’t a lot of time to work with in any message. Even so, as it turns out, the restrictions of this medium are also…

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How to use marketing automation


Are there simply not enough of you? Are you feeling not only overwhelmed at the mountain of tasks that lie before you daily, but in addition more than a little afraid that something is slipping through the cracks? You’re not alone. Given the complexity and the amount of moving parts that go into online marketing…

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The easy way to get more client referrals

Client Referrals

Everyone is on the lookout for tips to get more client referrals for their small business. However, as stated by some 58.6% of us don’t even ask for them! Client referrals are not something that comes around by merely wishing it so, but rather is a result of a definite, focused and persistently used…

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