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Negan was watching Rick’s group so closely that they were able to forecast exactly where the group would run and surround them in an instant. Vendors need to do this with their competition as well. Keep an eye on what they are posting on Twitter and what new offers they are promoting or marketing. If…

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Marketing Methods that Attract Millennials AND Generation Z It is vital to create loyal customers, but company owners in the modern world need to realize that young adults do not put too much thought into brand loyalty. If they find a better product or value, Millennials and Gen Z youth will quickly jump ship. And…

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Local Businesses Must Erase These Marketing Blunders Before 2017 You have likely been told by an organization that you were not eligible for a certain discount. Why? Probably because you are actually a customer. While it is alright to provide special offers for new prospects, you can’t simply ignore your current clients. Even when making…

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