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Keyword research is as old as SEO itself. Search engines use keywords to provide a list of relevant results to the searcher, and as this SEO market expanded, Google brought in an advertising platform that gave businesses a chance to appear on search engine results pages for keywords. From there, Google offered a tool that…

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Why Small Businesses Should Leave SEO to the Pros Many small business owners start using Google Analytics with the belief that it will allow them to handle their own SEO, but this rarely pays off. As it turns out, there are far superior tools that SEO specialists utilize to ensure websites are ranking as high…

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See These 7 Types of Subject Lines that Get Opened Some emails subject lines get considerably more opens that others; that is simply the facts. The goal of the subject line is to get the email opened, nothing more. Making promises we can’t keep, or being overly sensational will cause antipathy and result in unsubscribes.…

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