How to Pack Your Message into a Six-Second Video on Vine!


No doubt you’ve been fascinated by the new Vine video platform, but you’re also a bit baffled as to how to make use of it. I mean, six seconds of video isn’t a lot of time to work with in any message. Even so, as it turns out, the restrictions of this medium are also…

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Managing Your Reputation Doesn’t Mean Becoming a Doormat

Managing your reputation

It is simply amazing the speed at which world events can be sent around the Web via social media, and if that word is bad and happens to concern you or your business, you should have a plan of defense. If you’ve made an egregious error, it is possible to deal with that, short of…

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How to Use Humor to Connect with Your Audience

marketing with humor

The great 19th Century Irish playwright and humorist Oscar Wilde uttered these last words: “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.” Why some enterprising wallpaper company hasn’t used this is beyond me, nonetheless it does go to demonstrate the point that humor sells. Humor essentially disarms people, often by getting them to view your point…

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