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3 Things Back to the Future Showed Us About Marketing In the film, Marty had no choice but to get his mother and father together. Even when troubles arose, he remained persistent in achieving his goal until it paid off. You must do this with marketing and advertising as well. It is not enough to…

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Regardless of what some business owners believe, blogging is far from an option anymore. Brands that do not utilize this form of marketing are putting themselves at a disadvantage over the competition. There are a selection of benefits that stem from blogging, but the above mentioned should be sufficient to open marketers’ eyes to the…

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How Corporations Benefit from the Twitter Character Upgrade In the field of local business marketing, social media is a fairly recent tactic. In a small amount of time, however, it has proven itself to be quite effective. And while many businesses have created Facebook accounts, businesses have been sluggish to adopt Twitter. Now that the…

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