How to Use Facebook’s New Capabilities in Mobile App Ads

Facebook Mobile Apps

When Facebook rolled out the Mobile App Ads last year, the goal was to drive installs for companies. Mission succeeded. Over 145 million installs from the Google Play and Apple App stores. Now comes the 2nd, and potentially much more exciting phase of this app. With most users opening an app between 6 and 10…

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Managing Your Reputation Doesn’t Mean Becoming a Doormat

Managing your reputation

It is simply amazing the speed at which world events can be sent around the Web via social media, and if that word is bad and happens to concern you or your business, you should have a plan of defense. If you’ve made an egregious error, it is possible to deal with that, short of…

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Want to Learn the Secret to Successful Facebook Ads?


Utilizing Facebook ads generally is one of the most expedient and effective ad platforms for obtaining visitors to your sites, offers, and for various other purposes for your website. A Facebook Ad campaign is a breeze to put together, has great demographic targeting tools, and can be up in a matter of minutes. One thing…

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