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Customer Retention Methods that will Increase Sales You can’t have a successful business without satisfied clients. Customer retention tactics can help in this endeavor, but some of these practices can also put more income in your pocket. Following the above strategies will keep your clients around while simultaneously boosting profits. Create a Customer Loyalty Program…

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The Analytics Goof ups that Can Kill Your Marketing Data analytics has swiftly emerged as an excellent tool for any marketing strategy. A recent study, in fact, showed that 83 percent of business owners felt data analytics improved their profit margins. This is why upwards of 47 million websites have been estimated to use Google…

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3 Digital Marketing Lies Every Small Business Owner Should Ignore Digital marketing has swiftly outpaced offline marketing and advertising practices, and this trend is only expected to grow. In fact, digital marketing made up nearly 30 percent of the entire advertising market in 2015. Every company owner should understand digital practices, but it is also…

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