Current Best Practices When It Comes to Creating a Freebie for Giveaway

Freebie Giveaway

5 Ways to Create a Valuable Freebie to Give Away for Listbuilding These days it’s not enough any more to get people to opt-in to your email list simply by your invitation. You need to be capable of giving them something of value as an enticement to sign up if you want to reach decent…

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Energize Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing

8 Tips to Increase Your Email Opt-ins True since the beginning of marketing time, maintaining and cultivating a customer and prospect list is the surest way to long term growth in your business, large or small. Knowing this, there are a variety of things we can do in order to improve the likelihood of gathering…

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How to create an effective email marketing follow-up sequence

email marketing

How to create a follow-up email series for those who opt-in Once you’ve managed to get the signup, your challenge is only partially won. Even though they’ve now given you permission to email them begs the question, what do I do now?! You develop an email follow-up series, that’s what! Of course, there’s something of…

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