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Whether you are in the software business or run a small restaurant in your local market, you have likely engaged in providing a “freebie” to get potential new clients in the door. Of course, this sometimes does not convert to a permanent customer. Instead of thinking this means freebies do not work, figure out what…

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3 Steps for Improving Sales Utilizing Social Media The goal of every marketing endeavor is to boost revenue at a business. So essentially, every step you take with social media marketing is supposed to increase sales. As it turns out, though, you will find a few methods that can directly garner more sales rather than…

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Marketing Methods that Attract Millennials AND Generation Z It is vital to create loyal customers, but company owners in the modern world need to realize that young adults do not put too much thought into brand loyalty. If they find a better product or value, Millennials and Gen Z youth will quickly jump ship. And…

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