Small Business Sales & Marketing Website Scorecard


The Game Changer Small Business Sales and Marketing Website Scorecard

Infusionsoft is introducing a new way for you to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of your small business. It’s called the Small Business Sales and Marketing Scorecard, and it’s about to help you make your company a whole lot more popular.

The Scorecard is a an interactive tool that will evaluate your sales and marketing by crawling your website and asking you a few questions. The resulting score and report will help you identify gaps in your sales and marketing efforts, and then point you toward (free) educational content specific to your needs.

It’ll take a look at your marketing methods, social media efforts and sales techniques to evaluate how your website is performing when it comes to attracting new leads and customers. All told, it only takes about ten minutes, and you’ll get clear direction for how best to analyze and plan for immediate improvement.

Give it a shot! Get a clear idea of how you’re doing and adjust accordingly. It’s a great way to take a second look at your sales and marketing efforts to see what’s working and where there’s room for improvement.

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