Small Business Marketing Strategies That Save Money

Small Business Marketing Strategies That Save Money

Small Business Marketing Tactics That Don’t Break the Bank

No matter of how fantastic your marketing is, there are some people who would likely never come in the front door. If something grabbed their attention, though, such as an upcoming class or event, this could change everything. Somewhere to eat owner could host a cooking class. Sporting stores would do well with archery competitions. Regardless of your industry, there is something that can get people looking forward to coming in. Better still, those local community announcement boards are perfect places to put flyers for your event.

Recycle Great Content

Every business that engages in content marketing has occasional great pieces of content that really get noticed. This could explain why inbound marketing techniques,such as content marketing, net 54% more leads than their outgoing counterparts. So if you experienced an incredible piece of content treat you right before, why not bring it back around? If a small business makes a great blog post that gets attention, why don’t you spin the content into a great video? Did a meme get more attention in a day than most posts get in a week? Why not repost it every so often to get the same attention? Terrific content is not remanded to a single-use existence. If it worked once, realize success again.

Send Out Weekly Emails

Humans are flighty creatures. When we’re not consistently reminded of something, we are going to often forget. Bearing that in mind, send out weekly messages to your email list. When doing so, however, ensure you have something important to say. Sending a ‘when will we see you again?’ email is simply unacceptable. Something should always be going on.

Hold a Class or Event

There are some people who find themselves simply unlikely to walk into a small enterprise they don’t know. After all, this might change if they saw a future event or class they were interested in. Restaurants could hold cooking classes. Sporting shops could host an archery competition. Whatever the organization, there is some event that can get people in the door. Additionally, community announcement boards will have no problem with posted flyers for these events.

Go big or go home works in a few marketing situations, but it is not just a steadfast rule. Be certain you don’t let | do not allow simple yet promising ideas fall through the cracks.

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