Why SEO in 2017 Has Become Even More Essential

Why SEO in 2017 Has Become Even More Essential

Search engine optimization (SEO) is nothing new. People have been talking about it for well over a decade now, but in that time, the marketing method has evolved to levels we never thought possible. Most local business owners are likely using SEO in some fashion, but many of them have opted for the DIY approach. For SEO in 2017, though, novice attempts won’t cut it for these reasons.

1. It’s More Than Just SEO Now

Search engine optimization is focused on getting a page ranked as high as possible on Google and other search sites. As it turns out, though, search algorithms will no longer be just about keywords, backlinks and usefulness.
Google is rolling out an algorithm that will include mobile websites’ loading speeds in its calculations. Slower pages will suffer, and this is especially disastrous since more than 50 percent of internet usage comes from mobile devices.
This means the person performing SEO at a local business will also need the skills to improve a website.

2. Featured Answers Require Special Consideration

A featured answer usually pops up when someone asks Google a question verbally rather than through text. The search giant still returns results, but it features text from one specific site at the top.
Landing as a featured answer can do amazing things for a company, but it takes some work. Marketers need to find out the questions their potential customers are asking, focus on longtail keywords related to those questions and make sure the content is actually helpful.
These types of tasks typically can’t be performed by amateur marketers.

3. Videos and Images Pick Up Speed

Videos and images are powerful marketing tools, but they’ll soon have an even bigger stake in the SEO world. Google has acquired the video and image sites EyeFluence, MoodStock, Famebit, and Anvato. This means they’re likely gearing up to take on Facebook in the visual marketing arena.

With more focus on graphic content, local business marketers will need to evolve.
Search engine optimization might sound simple in theory, but it’s a complex and dynamic promotional tactic. Only the strongest in the arena will survive, and that’s why businesses need to really start focusing on SEO in 2017.