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How It Works

Simple, Safe, Automated System
To Build Your Online Reputation

1 See Feedback graphic1. See Feedback From Your Customers At An Employee Level & Monitor Reviews 24/7

Drive higher profits by connecting with your customers, while building a 5 star reputation online, monitor your employee’s performance and thwarting potential negative reviews.

2 asking for feedback2. Asking For Feedback Is As Simple As Entering Your Customers Name & Email

Customers are automatically sent an email with a unique tracking link that allows them to leave feedback quickly and easily online from their desktop or mobile device.

3_customer completes3. Customer Completes Simple Form
Using our Feedback Loop process, the customer enters their star rating and have the ability to leave a comment to quickly review their recent visit of the business.
4 intelligent feedback4. Intelligent Feedback Routing

Software quickly captures feedback and directs customers to post the positive review online or flags a negative review for Immediate Attention by the business owner, allowing a quick resolution.


5-Monitor customer feedback5. Monitor Customer Feedback Down To An Employee or Department Level


Our Revolutionary Feedback Dashboard will help you improve your overall understanding of customer service based on recent and hostorical feedback that can be drilled all the way down to an individual employee or department level.

6 build your brand6. Build Your Brand Online and Rank Higher While Increasing Profits


Positive reviews are heavily weighted and are a large contributing factor to your online ranking in search results. The more positive reviews your business can generate, the more likely additional customers will choose you!



Simple & Powerful Dashboard


Automated Customer Feedback Funnel

Capture Feedback At An Employee Level

Stop Negative Reviews

Complete Brand Control

Monitor Reviews From Top Review Sites

Reputation Email Marketing System

Real Time Reporting

Real Time SMS Review Alerts

Real Time Email Review Alerts

Streaming Review Feeds For Website

External Review Page For Your Website


The Most Powerful & Simplest Way To Turn Customer Feedback Into 5-Star Reviews!

Reputation Management for Small Businesses

As a business owner, the feedback customers leave online for your business can dramatically affect your bottom line. In fact, 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family… So what people are saying about the quality of your business can either make or break you, and helping manage customer feedback online has proven to be quite difficult for most business owners, until now. Our proprietary reputation management software helps you manage the reputation of your business online and helps tip the scale in your favor. Reviews are now considered so important, that major search engines and review sites rank each business higher or lower in their local search results, based on recent reviews, and overall rating score. So, the more positive ratings and reviews a local business has, the higher they’ll likely appear in the search results. And of course, the more positive reviews a local business has, the more trustworthy they appear, and the more customers they attract over their competition.

Here’s How The Software Works For You: Meet Mark… Mark owns a local business and uses our system to monitor customer feedback and boost positive reviews online. Immediately after joining, His customized Feedback Center was automatically created, configured, and ready to go. Now getting Feedback is simple. Mark or one of his staff members, hands the customer a feedback card or simply enters the customer’s name and email address into the software and it automatically reaches out to get their feedback using our proprietary software system and process.

If Mark gets a 4 star or above, the customer is directed to the review site of his choice to post the positive review. If it was a poor rating, the customer is immediately sent to a complaint form that notifies only Mark and appears nowhere else. The customer is given the ability to vent and Mark learned about a problem with his business and reduces the chances of a customer bashing his business online. Since Using This Simple Process To Build his Positive Feedback, He’s Been Able To monitor all of the review sites using one dashboard, making it easy to keep track of all of his entire online presence. It’s time to ensure your business’s reviews are in good order, making YOU the preferred choice for potential clients and customers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started right now with a safe and simple way to build a 5-star reputation on autopilot. What you will receive:

  1. SMG Reputation Management System to get great reviews from your clients and customers and share those reviews.
  2. Automated Customer Feedback Funnel – Automatically collect customer feedback and turn positive feedback into online ratings and reviews.
  3. Company Branded Feedback Funnel Pages – Our editable feedback pages allow you to brand your company and edit content to maximize conversions based on your customer type.
  4. Micro Business Website – Your optional business page is an additional web property that you control and lists all the pertinent information about your business.
  5. Visibility Checker – We help verify the Name, Address, and Phone of your business listing across multiple directories to expand your reach and strengthen the congruency of your presence.
  6. Real Time Feedback And Review Alerts – Use instant alerts to know exactly what your customers are saying about your business as soon as it happens. The SMG Reputation Management System updates you when new feedback arrives, providing you the opportunity to address any customer concerns promptly. This helps diffuse a potential complaint before it has turned into a poor rating online.
  7. Complete Reputation Email Marketing System – The SMG Reputation Management System is the only platform on the market that has the power to remarket to customers based on the feedback they’ve left you.
  8. Detailed Feedback Reporting – With the SMG Reputation Management System, you’ll gain a global understanding of customer sentiment towards your company, monitoring trends and overall performance on a micro level within a specific timeframe or employee.
  9. Social Media Integration – Each year customers turn to social media to research local businesses in their area. Ensure you’re promoting recent positive reviews everywhere customers search.
  10. Feedback Streaming – Alongside promotion on major review sites, stream your best and most recent customer feedback on your main website and micro site page.
  11. Simple To Understand Training And Setup – Your focus should be on your customers and your business, not trying to learn how to use a program. To ensure your success, the Reputation Loop setup process was created with a simple to use and easy interface, ensuring that you establish your positive online reputation quickly and easily.


Cost: Set-up $97 (first month’s payment), then $97/month