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Chris Ripley’s New Book “Online Marketing 101” is the Most Important Book Any Small Business Owner Can Read Today

It presents local online marketing in a way that even the most tech-adverse business owner can get an understanding of what they need to do next. It highlights some of the challenges in today’s marketing world, and gives practical advice on overcoming them. It shows companies how to connect better, faster, and easier with their prospective customers using the Internet.

If you own a business, this book was written for you. In these pages you’ll find hope – hope that your business can thrive even today, hope that you might be able to get back to whatever it was that attracted you to your field in the first place rather than working all the time to try to get new customers. Most importantly it provides a process for helping you connect with the people who really need the products and services your business offers.

Chris explains local Internet marketing in a simple, conversational style that makes for an easy read.

Anyone wanting to double or triple their business should read and re-read this book. It can literally turn a dying business into one that’s booming again.

In Online Marketing 101 we discuss:

  • Google Places and how to get to the top of the list
  • How your Web site can make you number one on Google
  • Where you should spend your time on social media to get the best results
  • and much more…

When you receive the book you will also receive the following bonuses:

  • Internet Traffic in Five Simple Steps. My spoken-word CD. Listen in the car. ($19.99 value)
  • Ten week Online Marketing 101 training series. Once you register your book you will start to receive a class a week, with online content mirroring the content in the book. ($297 value)
  • Customer magnet 21-step learning program. ($197 value)
Online Marketing Book

Online Marketing 101 Book