Why Offline Marketing Is Important for Complementing Online Strategies

Why Offline Marketing Is Important for Complementing Online Strategies

There is no doubt that every local business needs an online marketing strategy. The fact that 81 percent of shoppers make large purchases only after conducting online research proves this. This does not mean, though, that you should overlook offline marketing. You can enlist your online marketing expert for help in this area or try a few methods on your own. Either way, the benefits of offline marketing for online strategies are numerous in complementing online strategies.

Picks Up Slack Where Online Cannot Help

Strangely enough, there are some people who will never be reached by online marketing. That is because 13 percent of Americans still choose to not use the internet. These are often older individuals or people in rural areas. Either way, some of your potential clients can only be reached through offline marketing.

Online Purchases Often Stem from Offline Channels

It is easy to believe that the entire purchase process, from discovering a product to receiving it, can be done via the internet. Statistics, however, show that this is not always the case. A recent study discovered that 40 percent of online consumers purchase products only after having been influenced by offline channels.

This could be flyers, television ads, billboards or any number of platforms. Regardless of the method, offline strategies can prove beneficial to online marketing for local businesses.

Offers Exposure at Reduced Prices – Complementing Online Strategies

You should never cut corners with online marketing, but offline strategies can complement your promotional endeavors at a low cost. Guerrilla marketing, for instance, has been shown to create serious buzz for companies if done right. And since you can draw attention to your online presence, which sometimes is skewed by oversaturation from competition, this is another example of online and offline working perfectly together.

Offline marketing strategies can go a long way in supplementing the online marketing services you are already receiving. Fortunately, they can often accomplish this at a low price. This makes the benefits provided towards your online marketing endeavors well worth the additional effort.