Mobile Marketing: Why Small Businesses Must Make it a Priority

Why Small Businesses Must Make Mobile Marketing a Priority

Why Small Companies Must Prioritize Mobile Marketing

In the past, commerce was relegated to face-to-face, in person shopping. Once the internet became popular, however, commerce hit the World Wide Web. Now, however, people are spending large numbers of money via their mobile devices. In fact, one study found that 24.4 percent of e-commerce profit will be connected to mobile devices by 2018. Mobile marketing is the perfect way to tap into this. When people are ready to make purchases via smartphone, your mobile marketing message is vital.

Getting Personal with Consumers

Business people are starting to focus on personalized marketing, and in reality, what could be more personal than chatting with consumers through their mobile devices? Almost everyone has a smart phone, and in most cases, they are carrying it at all times. With mobile marketing, you can market to consumers based on their proximity to a location. Mobile promotion is the best way to really get close to potential customers.

Take note of Google

If you cannot think of a valid reason to prioritize mobile marketing, the fact that Google is demanding it should be ample. Having a great search ranking is essential, but Google has decided to penalize sites that aren’t mobile friendly. If you have not yet focused on mobile responsiveness and reaching out to consumers via mobile, you are likely suffering in search rankings.

While improving technology grants us many new tools to improve revenue, it also occasionally adds to our workloads. Fortunately, the additional work to focus on mobile marketing really can pay off. With the proper strategy, your mobile marketing will take your local business to new heights.

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