Managing Your Reputation Doesn’t Mean Becoming a Doormat

Managing your reputation

It is simply amazing the speed at which world events can be sent around the Web via social media, and if that word is bad and happens to concern you or your business, you should have a plan of defense. If you’ve made an egregious error, it is possible to deal with that, short of getting into it with other people online defending yourself. You won’t win that one, whether you’re right or not.

But what about when you’re right?

There are occasions when through no fault of your own, the defecation hits the fan. There are many ways this could occur, such as a boisterous unhappy customer, wrong or inaccurate press, or even contributions from devious competitors. So while it’s extremely unfair, the fact is that everybody is talking trash about you and your company. How does one handle that? Since we realize that we don’t want to slug it out in public, how do you keep from appearing the total wimp to everyone?

Stick to your message!

If you’ve got sufficient belief in your core message then you need to prove it by staying the course when others would attempt to put in their two cents. This opposition typically comes through social media as negative comments and complaints concerning your products, services, or particularly any changes you may have made. No one likes change, especially to things they like or buy. On the other hand, considerable time, thought and energy most likely went into your new products or product changes. To roll with each and every whim of a capricious public is to invite disaster. You should answer every post though, using your characteristic diplomacy and customer care, but leave no doubt that you stand behind your products and services.

How to do this right – Sticking to your message with Shake Shack reports a great example of sticking by your brand when you’re right by New York City eatery Shake Shack. Their cardinal sin: modifying the shape of their french fries! Before you could open the ketchup bottle everyone was launching into them on Twitter. Rather than continuing the fight by slinging more fries, Shake Shack made the smart move, answering their critics with compassion and care, yet sticking by their new product 100 percent. Sounds like a recipe for success to me!