How Local Businesses Can Get Media Attention

How Local Businesses Can Get Media Attention

3 Small Business Tips for Garnering Media Attention

Get Involved With Community

Steal Ongoing Fads

Twitter hashtags and trending topics on Facebook can get small social networking pages before the masses. Naturally, a business should never blatantly hijack a news story that has nothing to do with them. If a significant blizzard has just come through town and an entrepreneur owns a snow shoveling service, though, posting about the subject and using popular hashtags could be appropriate.

Be Proactive In Community Occasions

Local newscasts don’t often go out looking to consentrate on small or mid-size businesses. If a company happens to take part of the news that is already occurring, though, it only makes sense that they might get recognized. Attending events and being open for an interview is tremendous, but there are other ways to go about this as well.

One key method of getting involved in the news of the day is to sponsor an event or team that is important to the area. Reporters are often pleased to speak with local business owners who are willing to spend to help their community. Want to get noticed in the local news? Get involved in local events.

Reach Out To Local Journalists

Many corporations hope they will just get lucky and fall into a popular news story. There is no reason to wait to get noticed, though. Don’t let yourself be afraid to email local newsrooms and journalists to let them know if the company is involved in something newsworthy. The worst they can do is refuse.

Marketing on local stations can be effective, but why bother if it is simple to get noticed for free? Take these tips into account, and if something seems newsworthy, do not simply sit around waiting for the media to take notice.

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