Legal Considerations When Engaged in Social Media Marketing

Legal Considerations When Engaged in Social Media Marketing

For Social Media Marketing, Focus on These Legal Issues

There are actually artists and photographers out there who will use Google’s reverse image search to find people and business owners who are using their work without authorization. They then sometimes immediately file a lawsuit against these people. If you are looking to supplement something on your site, search public domain websites.

Inaccurate Online Advertising

Just because social media is a newer world does not imply the old rules have faded away. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations apply online to the extent that they do for television and radio ads. Make sure each promotion or advertisement you run is clearly explained. An FTC complaint can seriously affect your ability to work.

Copyright and Trademark Problems

You likely may have learned that you cannot use trademarked or copyrighted material in running your business. Sadly, some companies fail to realize that this includes social media as well. Just because you find a wonderful image to use on your blog doesn’t mean you are allowed to use it.

The truth is, some photographers and artists use reverse search engines just to see if others have used their work without permission. If they find your internet site using it, they could opt to sue you. Stick to public domain sites when finding content to supplement your own content.

Social Media Events

Social media contests can be a complicated area. Facebook and other sites have rules governing the contests, but they tend not to often make a big deal when business owners conduct one. You should be more anxious about state laws. If you hold a raffle where people pay for tickets, for instance, you may want to have it authorized by the state. You can even get in hot water with a state’s attorney general if you are not clear about sweepstakes rules. Be certain to know the laws in your locality.

Social media is an exciting place, but it holds many of the same perils as the offline world. Make sure you keep away from any potential legal liability by following the aforementioned tips and knowing the laws where you live.

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