Injecting Emotion Into Your Copy

Injecting Emotions Into Your Copy

How to Use Emotion in your Copy

Emotions have been a part of sales copy persuasion for about as long as there has been sales copy. The opportunity to tug at heartstrings and otherwise motivate readers and viewers with relevant emotional messages has a storied history, and still works every bit as well today.

This doesn’t mean we want to go out and get all maudlin on people; but rather to use selective emotional triggers that elicit the type of response we’re seeking.

So what types of emotion work well in copy? Which ones get the best results, and how do you use them? The following are 5 tested emotional triggers that work well in copy.

5 Emotional triggers you may want to use in your copy

Speak to their Fear – Playing on people’s fears strikes a chord in many of us, and no one wants to fall prey to being without, or having the worst happen. The “Mayhem” commercials by Allstate have done a marvelous job combining humor with the subtle message that you too could fall prey to random mayhem, so you better get protected!

Trust – Paradoxically, in times of distrust we can make a lot of hay with messages emphasizing trust. “No hidden fees”, “We value your privacy” and other phrases intended to assuage consumers fear about being overcharged, underserved and so on.

Time – With no one having any spare time anymore, this trigger is a very effective one. Everyone craves more time to spend with family and friends, unwind and messages that promise this get our attention.

Trends – Having the coolest and latest gadget or whatever is part and parcel of a consumer-driven society, and it’s simply imperative for some to have them. Tap into this tsunami by aligning with the latest trends.

Groupthink – Most everyone wants to belong to a group, to identify with a segment of the culture that most represents them. Few really want to head down the road alone. Tapping into these desires can get great results.

These 5 can get you going. See if you can’t work some base emotions into your copy and enjoy better results for it!