How to Publish Effectively on LinkedIn

How to published effectively on linkedn

Want to Publish on LinkedIn? Here’s how!

Okay, all of you who have published on LinkedIn raise your virtual hands…

That’s what I thought. Very few consider LinkedIn when choosing where to publish content, and in point of fact, that’s a big mistake.

Now that it is open to the all LinkedIn users, it’s still somewhat of an afterthought among content marketers. This is a shame, because publishing on LinkedIn is pay dirt for content marketers who know how to use it effectively. Let’s check out some of the reasons why you should be putting great content onto this platform!

5 Reasons LinkedIn needs to be your content choice!

To establish authority – Publishing before a community of professionals is a terrific way of becoming the thought leader you are seeking to be. This can help you in many ways, not only on LinkedIn in terms of added connections and influence, but in your industry and Google as well.

Syndicating your content – Being able to post content that you may have used on your blog a while ago is a great way to find a new readership. Many times the audience on LinkedIn will not have seen your content, and may be more inclined to give it a serious read, given the nature of the platform.

Publish your content before a serious audience – You will be able to find a much more serious approach to your content on this platform. There’s not a lot of fluff traffic to be found here. You can also find gold by publishing to LinkedIn groups as well.

LinkedIn audiences are more engaged – The audiences on LinkedIn have proven to be more engaged , and like to ask questions, comment and even contact you if your content strikes a chord.

The possible viral effect – One way LinkedIn publishers hit it big is when their content begins to get some traction, LinkedIn often steps in and promotes it on of their Pulse category pages, and even better, sometimes on the home page itself! Do this and you’ll be well on your way to authority status on LinkedIn and off!