How to Develop Traffic Sources for Your Site

How to Develop Traffic Sources for Your Site

You’ve likely heard it or even said it a million times, “I can’t get enough traffic!”

While this is undoubtedly true, the methodology they use to try and remedy this situation is entirely faulty. The truth is, there are literally hundreds of ways to generate traffic to your pages, some very easy. Whether or not this traffic does you any good is another question entirely.

This seldom works out well. What you’ll get, if anything, is a bunch of visitors who stay a couple of seconds each, seldom engaging or doing anything else beneficial on your site. This is primarily because you have neglected to figure out exactly what type of traffic best includes your audience, and how to effectively get it. What’s really needed here is a plan that takes into account who your particular audience is, and where they typically hang out. Then you can begin to craft a strategy. Let’s look at what you need to consider to make this happen.

Questions to ask about your traffic campaign

There are a number of things to discover before you commence flinging ad money and content all over the web.

  • Just who is your audience? – Understanding your ideal customer demographic is a important key to advertising effectively. What are the ages, sex and interests of your customer avatar? You have to know this to do the best job you can.
  • Where do they hang out? – Knowing where your audience congregates is great intelligence you need to have. This could be on a particular social network, industry forum, or other popular site.
  • What tools will you use? – Tools like Alexa for demographic information about a particular site is useful. One of the fastest and best ways to gather info about your audience is through Facebook’s Audience Insights. It’s free if you have an ad account, which is also free. This tool provides you with so much actionable info it’s ridiculous.

Okay, now what?

Only after gathering this critical intelligence can you begin to make decisions about which traffic sources are right for your particular audience. This could end up being a video marketing campaign on YouTube, paid ads from the likes of Google Adwords for Facebook Ads, or a content marketing initiative aimed at getting pages ranked on the search engines.

There really are tons of great ways to get oodles of visitors to your pages, but unless they’re targeted to what you’re trying to attract, you’re basically wasting your time!