How to Craft Great Press Releases

hand writing press release

Learn What It Takes to Craft a Winning Press Release

There is no magic formula to crafting an effective press release, but more a sticking with several basic guidelines that will help you succeed in this fairly specific form of information dissemination.

Do things in the format expected and if your event is newsworthy and exciting, expect good results. Try to reinvent the wheel, and you’ll get a lot of nothing for your efforts.

Let’s check out several best practices when it comes to creating an effective press release.

How to Create a Winning Press Release

A Compelling Headline – Make sure your headline does these two things:

  • Is attention-grabbing, emotion-filled, and compels them to read further.
  • Make it shorter rather than longer. Google will only use about the first 60 characters when indexing this in the search results, so bear that in mind when you’re working in your company name and any keywords you hope to feature.

Short Body Copy – Shoot to make your press release a one-pager. The primary aim here is to have the reader to want and seek out more information by contacting you, not to present it all on this PR.

Intelligent Linking – You often have limited opportunities to link out, so use these carefully. Link to relevant pages on your site, and any other resources that are directly applicable.

Informational and Not Promotional – This one is hard to make yourself do at times. This is not a sales letter, but a tool to help get the word out about your event or product. The goal here is to inform and lead, not sell. In fact, your PR may get kicked back if it is deemed too promotional.

Insert Correct Contact Information – If you don’t include or display accurate contact information, you will have just wasted a good amount of money and time. Here’s your chance to have people who read this contact you, so make sure it is all current and accurate.

Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll find that not only will you be writing and submitting more press releases, but the traffic, links and search engine listings you’ll get are well worth the effort.