Grow Your Email List to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

Grow Your Email List to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

Get More Email Subscribers and Discover a New Audience for your Blog!

It’s always on everyone’s mind: the best way to get more visitors to your blog. You could be creating awesome content there that no one’s seeing, and losing money (and your mind) in the process.

With many choices for delivering visitors to your pages, it’s very easy to skip what is likely the best way available: increasing the size and scope of your email subscriber list.

Let’s examine some of the ways you can grow your list of email subscribers, and leverage that for more traffic to your blog.

How to build a larger subscriber base

There are basics to ensuring that you’re doing the best job you can collecting new emails. Here are just a few:

  • Don’t forget to put opt-in forms on all your pages
  • Try using an exit popup
  • Bribe subscribers onto your list with a lead magnet
  • Run a paid ad campaign to your opt-in pages or lead magnet
  • Hold a webinar and ad the signups to your list
  • Make videos leading to your offers and lead magnets

Use the methods you are most familiar with and get started! Running paid ads and videos will provide the fastest results. Make list building a lifetime-of-your-business priority.

How to use your list to drive traffic to your blog

Here is where the magic comes in. Whenever you publish new content on your blog, you email your subscribers about it, offering a short preview and including several links to the blog post.

This presupposes that you are creating great content that needs to be seen. Even though it can take a short while to build up enough critical mass to make this look like the tsunami of traffic it can be, you need to start somewhere.

Use images, videos, and outright bribes if necessary to get the click through to your blog. Enable social media buttons and actively encourage sharing and forwarding.

The benefits of this type of action are many. You’ll get immediate direct traffic, and over time your posts will rank better in the search engine results and you’ll be getting loads of new incoming backlinks to your pages.

Sounds like a win-win all around, right?