Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data

Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data

Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data

Considering the dozens of hats small business owners are obligated to wear, it’s not surprising that tracking your website visitors falls pretty far down the list of things to do. That’s a shame, because having this data working for you can often be the difference between a successful or failed campaign.

But how do you implement tracking on your sites without having a degree in all things technical? What kind of software do you need and how do you set it up? Today we’re going to check out how to get answers to these questions, and get started collecting data on your site and business.

Tools to begin collecting and analyzing data

There are many tools available for tracking and collecting website data, but for those just starting out the best option is definitely Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free tool provided for you that provides you a glimpse into how visitors are using your pages. Not just that, it cuts down on customer acquisition costs by enabling you to target your marketing, organic search and advertising campaigns much more effectively. This tool has more in it than you’ll probably ever use!

What types of data do you need to know?

There is probably more data here than you will ever use, but some of the more important pieces of information you should know are the following 5:

  • Where’s your traffic coming from? – One of the most important stats to look at is where your traffic is coming from? You’ll be surprised at the source of some of it, and this data helps marketing your business.
  • What pages are converting? – This data is a must have, as it directly affects your bottom line. See what’s working and what isn’t easily.
  • Keyword data – See which keywords people are typing in to find your pages, and this can lead to better optimization and results.
  • Which pages are performing best? – Off the top of your head do you know which of your pages are doing the best? The answers may surprise you, and help you make a profitable shift in your marketing.
  • How long do people stay on a page – This data is important for helping you rank your pages in Google’s search results.

The capability to track and understand your website data is key to making good and profitable decisions in your small business. Get stated tracking today!